App reskinning is a method whereby one acquires the license to utilize an already developed and tested App source code and change the theme, graphics, and sounds to make an entirely new App. When I first found out what App reskinning was I thought it was kind of fishy to say the least. After researching this further I found that reskinning Apps, or any software, is an accepted and legitimate business practice. It’s been around for a while, and will be for a long time to come.

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Why reskin an App instead of developing new ones? There is a very good answer to this question, and it is tied directly to cost, schedule, and performance risk.

Cost: When developing a code from scratch the costs are far greater than if you purchased an existing code for reskin purposes. How much more? You can acquire a well working, tested, and ready to reskin out-­‐of-­‐the-­‐box code for less than $500.


What Apps Should I be reskinning?

Reskinning works best with certain games or camera applications.

There are several types of games that do well for reskinning. The first type of game that I would recommend is what’s known as an “endless runner”. These games are coded in such a way that the content never ends. Most have played an endless runner before.


Tetris is one of the most famous of all endless runners and most are familiar with the concept. Random blocks are generated and you must stack them in such a way to make room for more. The speed intensifies and at some point you lose. If you didn’t lose, the game would keep going to infinity. These games are great for reskinning as they require a limited number of graphic changes and a theme change to get you a new game.

Where can I get Source Code?

You can buy source codes from many places in the market. If you are a developing hand than there is no worry about that as you can buy the source code from chupamobile or bluecloudsolutions. If you are going to outsource reskinning process then it is always suggested to buy source code from same person if possible. It can be done though sites like

Advertisement is doing both services, providing source code as well as doing reskin work and most of their packages include ASO also. Check out their Reskin Portfolio.


What is App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO) is one of the most powerful tools in your development tool box. It is critical to get this right to give you the best chance of aso lid ROI. Whether you are doing reskins or new apps, ASO will make or break you, bottom line. I cannot stress this enough, please pay particular attention to mastering this skill, as it will be the biggest contributor to your revenue stream hands down.


App Descriptions

While you are getting your development and graphics work done, this is a good time to write out your App description that you will use when publishing it to the App Store. The mythical Apple algorithm does not use anything in your description to rank or rate your App on an ASO level. What it does do is paint a picture of what your App is all about for your prospective customers.


We are now going to be conducting market research, which will lead us into titling and filling in the keyword field in iTunes for submission to the App store. To title our App we want the strongest keyword(s). I say keyword(s) with an “s” because you can actually fit 255 characters in the title section. Now, with that being said I do not recommend what is known as “keyword stuffing”.

In addition to this bit of news, just because you have 255 characters of space doesn’t mean you can see all 255 characters while browsing Apps in the App Store. For any Phone App you are only going to have 35 characters visible. My suggestion is to keep your title under 35 characters.


First thing is first… Pay special attention to the first line of your description. In the Apple store your description is compressed and needs to be expanded to read the entire write up. The only visible portion is typically just the first line. If you lose them at line one, you haven’t got a chance.

If you waste the first line by saying, “welcome to Funimation Multiline Loose Slots!” you pretty much wasted your hook. The prospect knows the name of the App already; don’t waste their time as they are likely scanning through Apps quickly trying to decide which one they are going to download. Make them want to read more.


A rocking first line would be, “Download the App that Rolling Stone Magazine said is the most epic new App of all time!”. Now of course this would have to be true, but the idea here is that you are adding credibility to your App in the form of a very reputable source.

In absence of a Rolling Stone Magazine endorsement, you could say something like,“Download an App that will melt your face and shake your foundations!” Now,that would make me want to read more. Be creative, and resist the temptation to use humor here; for some reason it doesn’t translate to the audience well.


Once you hook them, use any positive review quotes you may have. Endorsements are awesome ways to add credibility to your App. You may not have any on launch, but you can stretch here if you have one of your family members try it and give you some feedback. Additionally, you can come back to the game with an update after you have some reviews and post a few of the best ones.

Add as many as you can in short bullets. You want to capture as many features your App has here. What you may think is no big deal maybe something your customers want.


At the end, give them another hook like you did on the first line to make a lasting impression. It’s not rocket science, but there is a method to this madness that will payoff for you if you take the time. Each one of these sections is important, slack on any one of them and you could cost yourself, not anyone else, dollars in your pocket. Take the time to do it right.


So, how do we make money? It all comes down to this, let’s get into it.

There are four ways you can make money on an App.

  • The first way that most are already aware of is that you can charge per download. Someone sees your App, they want it, and they buy it through their iTunes account. It sounds so simple, and it really is.
  • The second way to make money with your App is In App Purchases (IAPs). You’ve probably seen these before; it may be in the form of game currency, level unlocks, subscriptions, or many others. You can make some decent money off of IAPs if you set them up right.
  • The third way to make money is to just sell the App. There are lots of App market places that you can list your App and if someone buys it you just transfer it to them.
  • The fourth way to make money, and by far the most lucrative, is integrating ads into your game. Other App companies will pay upto $3 per download of their Apps.

If you are getting thousands of downloads you will get decent conversions and make money. There are all kinds of ads you can serve up. You can have interstitials (full-page Ads), banners, “more games” buttons, and video ads.

  • Video is relatively new, and is really adding significant revenue to my portfolio. The newest addition is incentivized video ads. Basically you can give away something in your own game, like game currency, in exchange for your customers watching a video ad. If they use the service being advertised you are paid real money. I’ll trade fake money for real money all day long.

Best of Luck on your App Reskinning World

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